Ordering flowers is a convenient service for those who do not have the opportunity to personally give a pleasant token of attention. Sometimes you want to surprise and present an unexpected gift. The proceeds come the delivery of bouquets - a convenient and affordable service with the guarantee of timely execution of the application.

Address delivery of bouquets: basic rules

Our company works in Kiev and Ukraine. We fulfill our obligations on time and guarantee the freshness of bouquets. The composition may be slightly different from the one stated in the catalog. This is due to the factors of seasonality and the periods of flowering of certain crops - flowers, ornamental plants, which are used to decorate bouquets. Replacement is always equivalent in cost to the original version, and the overall appearance and design meet the customer's expectations.

Flowers remain fresh and beautiful for a limited time. Therefore, we propose to plan a gift or a surprise in advance. Also, an urgent delivery of flowers to the specified address is possible. Basic rules of the service:

• Our managers take orders on a daily basis in a convenient way for you - by phone, Skype or by using Viber.
• We work from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 20.00, and on weekends from 9.00 to 15.00.
• Orders day-to-day are accepted until 4 pm of the current day, and applications received after 20.00 leave for processing the next morning.
• Florists proceed to the formation of bouquets after receipt or confirmation of payment.
• When ordering for more than 500 UAH, delivery in the city is free of charge.
• Delivery in non-standard hours - early or late - is negotiated separately when placing an order. If the application was received later than 20.00, early execution is technically impossible.
• Delivery at the appointed time is carried out for a fee and allows a deviation from the schedule in 10 minutes.

After a 15-minute waiting for the recipient, the courier has the right to transfer the bouquet or basket to a third party in agreement with the customer. It can be colleagues, relatives or neighbors, employees of a hotel or restaurant. If contact with the customer failed, the bouquet or basket returns to the office until the situation becomes clear. Re-departure of a representative of our company is paid additionally.

If the payment of the application "day in and day out" arrived later than the agreed time, the manager contacts the customer and discusses the possibility of postponing the deadline. We are always ready to resolve non-standard situations and we are working hard to make the surprise a success.

Additional conditions for delivery of flowers to the recipient

In order for the bouquet to meet the addressee in time, we recommend taking into account the peculiarities of the service:

• It may take more time to produce baskets and compositions for individual requests - check with the manager when making an application.
• The accuracy of time in peak hours in large cities depends on traffic congestion and congestion. The company is not responsible for road situations, but our couriers choose the best routes. We are directly interested in clear fulfillment of obligations.
• If the customer declined the services after the order is accepted, the price is not refundable.
• Changing the delivery address is possible, however in this case the additional costs are paid by the customer.
• You can provide a copy of the payment order to confirm payment. This is relevant for urgent applications and when paying from abroad.

We offer simple and understandable methods of payment with the help of a bank card of international payment systems or by transfer of funds to a settlement account of an online store.

Our team works so that the conditions for the delivery of flowers meet the expectations of customers. Individual wishes, gifts, a message for the recipient are discussed with our managers. We know how to arrange a surprise and give you moments of joy. The company Send Flowers Ukraine is always close and ready to fulfill orders of any complexity.