To buy bouquet made of 5 roses


5 red roses
5 red roses

15.77 $

5 pink roses
5 pink roses

15.77 $

5 white roses
5 white roses

15.77 $



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2018-03-11 09:55:10

Цветы свежие и доставлены вовремя,спасибо большое!Рекомендую!


2017-12-16 03:20:06

Очень красивый букет доставили и быстро!:)РЕКОМЕНДУЮ!!!спасибо!:)


2017-05-28 20:06:42

Цветы были доставлены в тот же день, еще и с шоколадом в подарок. Мама сказала, что они были прекрасными.


2017-05-28 00:00:00

Был очень доволен обслуживанием, нашел в интернете и сделал свой выбор - простая система оплаты, да и доставка была очень шустрой. Я настоятельно рекомендую всем. Определенно воспользуюсь вашими услугами в будущем.


2017-05-28 00:00:00

Цветы были идеальными и доставлены вовремя, буду заказывать снова, без сомнений! 5 звезд однозначно!

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Buy 5 roses at a good price
The most famous representative of the genus Rosehip is a rose. This magnificent plant has been grown by man for many centuries. Most of the now known varieties of roses are the result of many years of work of breeders. Thanks to repeated re-crossings and careful selection, the world can admire hundreds of variations of the royal flower.


Roses are universal representatives of the flora, which look equally great both in lush bouquets and in modest ones. A large color palette allows you to find the best, most cute shade. To the modern buyer roses are available in various shades: lilac, pink, yellow, red, white, orange and even light green. Two-color varieties are very popular.

A bouquet of 5 roses is something very delicate and elegant. Such a present will appeal to women and men of any age. Beautiful flowers are an excellent gift for and without. They are appropriate for the occasion of Birthday, March 8th and any other celebration. A gentle bouquet will show gratitude, respect and will be appropriate as an apology.


The main advantage of these flowers is their long-lasting freshness. It's easy to care for them. It is enough to change the water regularly and cut the stems under running water so that they can enjoy their beauty for up to two weeks!


If you want to present as a gift 5 roses, a bouquet at a good price can be purchased on our website. If necessary, our florists will decorate the flowers using decor elements. In addition, a nice addition to the beautiful colors will be pleasant little surprises. Baskets of sweets or fruits - a very original surprise, which will definitely please and surprise the addressee.


Who is given bouquets of 5 roses?
Rose is considered to be one of the most favorite flowers of women. And, of course, it would be to the fair sex that I would like to give them in the first place. A bouquet of 5 roses will help express love, care, admiration, wish you good luck, good mood and a speedy recovery. Send a sweet bouquet to your beloved "surprise", if you are far from it. Such a nice present will say for you: "I miss and look forward to meeting you".


You can buy 5 roses for corporate purposes. A modest bouquet is ideal for congratulating employees or giving gifts to business partners. These flowers will also suit the congratulations of educators and teachers in children's educational institutions.

As for the color scheme, then there are several unspoken rules. Buds of red color are associated with passion and passionate love. Therefore, such roses are recommended to give the beloved or the closest people, in order to avoid misunderstanding.

Flowers of a pink shade are good as a gift to young girls. White - the most universal. They are delicate, fragile and have a special charm. A bouquet of white, yellow, cream or peach roses is suitable for an addressee of any age and regardless of your relationship.


Men who love flowers will also be delighted with a modest bouquet. Choose roses of a dark shade and do not use a colorful design. Add to your bouquet a card with sincere wishes, and the addressee will definitely remain satisfied!


Bouquet of 5 roses with prompt delivery
If you are looking for a store that sells and quickly delivers fresh flowers, then Send Flowers Ukraine is what you need! In our online catalog you can choose the desired bouquet and place an order through the site or by phone. Professional couriers of our company are punctual and responsible - your bouquet will be received in a timely and in an appropriate and impeccable manner.


Becoming our customer, you personally can see the advantages of the store:

florists use only fresh flowers. You are guaranteed to receive such a bouquet, which will last as long as possible;
we deliver flowers to Kiev and all over Ukraine daily. If necessary, we will make an urgent order. Within 3 - 4 hours your bouquet of 5 roses will be delivered (Kiev);
at a one-time order for more than 500 UAH. delivery is carried out at the expense of our company;
we will execute a personal order, creating a bouquet in accordance with individual wishes and preferences;
to any chosen bouquet you can attach a postcard with your text (company cards are included free of charge);
the service "delivery by surprise" is offered;
regular customers can count on favorable discounts.

Order right now the best bouquet of roses for a good price, click "buy" and place an order through the basket. If you have any questions, just give us a call.