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2018-03-11 09:55:10

Цветы свежие и доставлены вовремя,спасибо большое!Рекомендую!


2017-12-16 03:20:06

Очень красивый букет доставили и быстро!:)РЕКОМЕНДУЮ!!!спасибо!:)


2017-05-28 20:06:42

Цветы были доставлены в тот же день, еще и с шоколадом в подарок. Мама сказала, что они были прекрасными.


2017-05-28 00:00:00

Был очень доволен обслуживанием, нашел в интернете и сделал свой выбор - простая система оплаты, да и доставка была очень шустрой. Я настоятельно рекомендую всем. Определенно воспользуюсь вашими услугами в будущем.


2017-05-28 00:00:00

Цветы были идеальными и доставлены вовремя, буду заказывать снова, без сомнений! 5 звезд однозначно!

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Gift baskets with sweets
In those moments when ordinary flowers and sweets seem too boring and banal, a real gift will be gift baskets. Elegant wickerwork, filled with the best sweets, looks presentable and festive. Not surprisingly, they are in great demand from buyers of all ages: present will appeal to both children and adults. And if you still have not decided on the gift, then you need to stop on this option.


Buy gift baskets with sweets can be filled accourding to any taste. The most popular products are Kinder, Ferrero, Nutella, Milka. Ideally, if you know the brand of your favorite recipes. Then all you need is to choose a beautiful design and fill it correctly. Decorate a delicious set with fresh flowers, greens or other floral material.


The cost of gift baskets with sweets directly depends on its size, filling and design. In the catalog of the online store Send Flowers Ukraine, you can pick up a basket on average from 500 to 900 UAH. And at a price of 2000 UAH. you can buy amazing huge sets. Please note that the assortment has a variety of goodies, which are decorated not only in wicker baskets, but also in beautiful designer boxes. If you do not like anything, we will create the perfect composition for individual order.


Basket with sweets as a gift
To present such a gift you can to anyone: loved ones and friends, relatives and colleagues, business partners and just a good acquaintance. Festive basket will be a luxurious gift for the holiday: Birthday, New Year, February 14, March 8. However, as well as to any other celebration or significant event.


A basket with sweets is considered a universal gift. But, obviously, the biggest fans of such a presentation are children. The best for small little tooths will be the compositions of "yummy" and "Kinder mix". In such a basket can be added a soft toy or a bottle of children's champagne.


Men of any age, too, will not give up the sweet original presentation. To a number of man's compositions it is possible to carry "Pleasant conversation", "Mini" and some others. Add a favorite alcoholic drink or a packet of elite natural coffee to the basket intended for the representative of the stronger sex.


What can be in a basket with a sweet filling?
In our store, a gift basket with sweets can be supplemented with other ingredients. For example, it's a good idea to put a seasonal ripe fruit or beautiful fresh flowers to the presentation. Fruity and sweet composition will serve as a smart decoration for the festive table. And if suddenly your loved one is unwell, send him such a basket with the wish of a speedy recovery in order to demonstrate his concern and make him happy.


Gift baskets from Send Flowers Ukraine
An online store that offers gift baskets, guaranteeing their magnificent appearance and quality, is "Send Flowers Ukraine". Buying from us, you personally can see the advantages of the company:

the contents of each basket are carefully checked before shipping. You are guaranteed to receive fresh and quality ingredients;
Delivery is performed daily from 7 to 23 on the territory of the whole Ukraine;
provides fast delivery and at the exact time. If you need a basket of sweets as a gift urgently, we will deliver it within 3 to 4 hours.
during the creation of compositions and gift baskets, we guarantee an individual approach and perform everything in strict accordance with your wishes;
regular customers are offered a discount for all products;
a "surprise delivery" service is provided;
at your request we make a "photo report";
to any gift composition is attached a postcard or a free branded card with your text.

If you see a composition on the site marked "stock", call immediately, in time to buy a great basket at a very favorable price. If you have any questions, ask them in the phone mode, the manager will help to sort things out.


In our shop it is possible to assemble the basket practically with our own hands. To do this, call the contact phone number, discuss with the manager the contents of the desired wicker basket and just wait for delivery. Having voiced personal preferences, you will get the most suitable gift and will not pay for unwanted (unloved) sweets.


You can buy a gift basket right now. Orders on the site are accepted at any time of the day. Choose your favorite song, fill out a simple form and expect a call from the manager. Talented florists will create a unique composition, and couriers will deliver to all addressees within the agreed time. Do not hesitate and get a sweet gift, it's so nice - to please your loved ones with your care!