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Цветы свежие и доставлены вовремя,спасибо большое!Рекомендую!


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Был очень доволен обслуживанием, нашел в интернете и сделал свой выбор - простая система оплаты, да и доставка была очень шустрой. Я настоятельно рекомендую всем. Определенно воспользуюсь вашими услугами в будущем.


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Цветы были идеальными и доставлены вовремя, буду заказывать снова, без сомнений! 5 звезд однозначно!

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Gift baskets for the New Year

Ah, New Year! Waiting for a miracle and striving for something new, unusual. How I want to urprise and amaze! The choice of a gift for this fairy-tale period is especially important, as it is on the eve of the New Year that you want to make a fairy tale come true, especially for your family and friends, for the household.

Alas, with each year the reserves of creativity run low, it becomes more difficult to choose a present for relatives, so that it is unusual, bright and unique. Gift baskets for the new year can be just such gifts - original and memorable.

What New Year's baskets to choose for wife

For her companion of life to choose a gift - a real test, because you want to

show your feelings,
leave pleasant memories of the gift.

And since the New Year's gift, it is necessary to create a note of intrigue, keeping the secret until the last, what did you choose. New Year's baskets will become such an ideal gift. Each woman will be surprised and delighted not just a huge bouquet of roses, but a truly professionally decorated gift. It can be seen that you have come to the choice with feeling.

Moreover, if you choose New Year's baskets for a wife with flowers, you can express your feelings without words, again confess your love. Floriography - the art of secret communication with the help of flowers, originated in the time of the Victorian era, when the open expression of feelings was not welcomed. In our time, especially with respect to wife, to hide his feelings is meaningless. However, it is such an original secret declaration of love, and even on the eve of the general holiday - it is an incredibly romantic act, which your half will appreciate.

"I love you madly" - such flowers say:

Red roses;
pink roses (tender love, gratitude);
red carnations;
red chrysanthemums.

If you still doubt whether you have chosen the right flowers to express your message, ask for help from a professional florist. Experienced experts will make New Year gift baskets, which will tell your wife the whole history of your feelings. And you can choose a basket or a box in the form of a heart, which already implies that you will enter the New Year with the deepest and most sincere feelings.

New Year gift baskets for children

All children, without exception, like surprises, and if these surprises are also sweet, then the delight of the baby will not have the limit. Choose as a presentation New Year's baskets with sweets - and you will not lose. Inside such gifts can be the most favorite goodies - chocolate, sweets, chewing gum, kinder-surprises and even whole tea sets, that is, marshmallows, jam, sweets, tea.

For older children, choose baskets with gifts for the new year, that is, in addition to sweets, a soft toy with or without flowers is placed in the package. Young girls will be very pleased and thrilling to receive such a present.

A basket for the new year is a great gift for everyone.

Wife - 101 roses, a child - sweets, a young girl - a soft toy, sweets or flowers. A basket for the new year is an ideal choice, as a huge number of design works will allow you to make a suitable present for everyone. Even a colleague will appreciate this choice. For example, in the office you can order baskets of fruit or sweet sets. The creative approach will be appreciated by colleagues and superiors. Yes, and households on New Year's Eve will be pleased with exotic fruits, which are given in an unusual wrapping-basket.

The most pleasant thing for you is that there is no need to spend a lot of time on selecting and delivering the perfect gift. All compositions are made by professionals, which means they are ideal for the New Year. In addition, it is possible to arrange delivery to the specified address within a few hours. All that is required of you is to apply for the composition you like, specify the place and address, pay the application. Flowers can be delivered, say, to work, and at home your task is to imperceptibly put an ideal gift with fresh flowers, fruits or sweets under the tree.