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2018-03-11 09:55:10

Цветы свежие и доставлены вовремя,спасибо большое!Рекомендую!


2017-12-16 03:20:06

Очень красивый букет доставили и быстро!:)РЕКОМЕНДУЮ!!!спасибо!:)


2017-05-28 20:06:42

Цветы были доставлены в тот же день, еще и с шоколадом в подарок. Мама сказала, что они были прекрасными.


2017-05-28 00:00:00

Был очень доволен обслуживанием, нашел в интернете и сделал свой выбор - простая система оплаты, да и доставка была очень шустрой. Я настоятельно рекомендую всем. Определенно воспользуюсь вашими услугами в будущем.


2017-05-28 00:00:00

Цветы были идеальными и доставлены вовремя, буду заказывать снова, без сомнений! 5 звезд однозначно!

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To buy a heart made of roses to express your feelings

A gift is one of the best ways to demonstrate your good attitude towards a person. This gesture is familiar to us from childhood, it reminds us without words of love and care. A gift can tell a lot to the addressee, and help you open your feelings. So, roses are considered a symbol of love and passion, and they are the most suitable specimen to express their romantic feelings.


By itself, a bouquet of fresh roses has a magical energy and is able to turn a date into a real fairy tale. Imagine what an emotional effect can be achieved by presenting a royal gift - a composition in the form of a heart of roses, in Kiev you can buy this in Send Flowers Ukraine.


The originally decorated composition in the form of a heart is able to cheer up and provide a pleasant evening. You can diversify a beautiful small bouquet by adding it with ripe fruits, favorite sweets or a pleasant gift. But luxurious hearts from a large number of buds may be an independent gift, carrying in itself an ocean of love and tenderness!


Unforgettable gift
Time goes on, slowly changing everything around - cities, people, habits, traditions. But for many centuries the love of the female to roses has remained unchanged. It is these representatives of the flora that are rightfully considered the most popular and desired. But the bouquet of roses by itself does not look so unusual and in order to surprise with a universal flower you will have to come up with something special. Original combinations of roses in the form of the heart and there is something special. No woman can resist such a masterpiece!


You can buy a heart made of roses on the occasion of a declaration of love or as an apology. The composition will be an excellent gift for the Wedding Day, the anniversary of the wedding and the anniversary. Believe me, such a "hearty" bouquet will be remembered for a long time and will make a very strong impression.


Design options
If you know the beloved shade of roses of your beloved, then there is really nothing to think about. Order a heart of roses because you need exactly the one that most like the addressee.

But if you think about the symbolism, following its advice, you can select a number of conditional rules that will help you decide:

red roses symbolize passion and passionate love;
pink shades express tenderness and care;
yellow color, contrary to the general delusion, does not mean separation, but fortunately, well-being and fun.

As for the design, the composition in the form of a heart made of roses is not decidedly decorated. A bouquet of this form is self-sufficient and is decorated, as a rule, with emerald greenery at the edges and sometimes with discreet beads.


There are not too many flowers and in the matter of the number of buds everything depends only on the allocated budget. In truth, majestic looking bouquets of 101 roses or even from the 1001th. But, believe me, no less pleasant will be more modest bouquets with less bud, if they are presented with a pure heart.


Where to order a heart of roses?
To order an original composition in the form of a heart of roses is recommended in the online store "Send Flowers Ukraine". We are professionals in our work and guarantee an impeccable quality - exceptionally fresh roses, properly placed stems in an oasis and excellent service.

The selected composition will be delivered to the right address in any part of the country. A well-thought-out logistics network and professionalism of couriers guarantees the timely receipt of the order and its impeccable appearance. Provided a one-time order for more than 500 UAH. delivery is carried out at the expense of the company.


In our online store you can find the best compositions in the form of hearts from roses. But if in the directory you did not find what you need, call us. Talented florists will create a unique composition for a personal order, taking into account all wishes.


We offer a heart of roses to buy in advance, ordering its delivery on a certain date. Simply select the best option and call us to agree on all the details. Remember only that flowers quickly lose their freshness. Therefore, the company reserves the right to slightly change the composition of the composition (up to 25%), while maintaining its overall appearance without loss of quality.


If you want to present the most beautiful flowers, designed unusually and unforgettably, call us! We will do our best to make your beloved happy.