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2018-03-11 09:55:10

Цветы свежие и доставлены вовремя,спасибо большое!Рекомендую!


2017-12-16 03:20:06

Очень красивый букет доставили и быстро!:)РЕКОМЕНДУЮ!!!спасибо!:)


2017-05-28 20:06:42

Цветы были доставлены в тот же день, еще и с шоколадом в подарок. Мама сказала, что они были прекрасными.


2017-05-28 00:00:00

Был очень доволен обслуживанием, нашел в интернете и сделал свой выбор - простая система оплаты, да и доставка была очень шустрой. Я настоятельно рекомендую всем. Определенно воспользуюсь вашими услугами в будущем.


2017-05-28 00:00:00

Цветы были идеальными и доставлены вовремя, буду заказывать снова, без сомнений! 5 звезд однозначно!

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The bouquet in a rectangular box - this is an exclusive
Agree, "stylish" does not always mean expensive-rich. If you are tired of curvy bows and rolls of paper, pay attention to one of the latest finds of florists - the flowers in a rectangular box. Simple design of the package gives a restrained elegance of the composition and will please the most sophisticated lady.

For such a box, only the most refined and high-quality flowers will suit, therefore our florists select for it the best roses of the shades chosen by you. Of course, you can choose any flowers, plants, accessories and we will create a true masterpiece only for you.

The bouquet in a rectangular box has the most original look, if it contains up to 25 pieces of flowers. The dense material does not allow the boxing to become saturated with moisture, and the floral sponge keeps the flowers fresh and attractive for a long time. A beautiful satin bow makes the design fully complete.

In the store Send Flowers Ukraine, you can easily order any number of boxes with delivery in Kiev by courier service. Make an original surprise to a dear person, a colleague at work or a business partner, adding a memorable card, sweets, a toy, inflatable balls or real butterflies to the composition.

Elegant flowers in a rectangular box - that is an English classic

English florists that have regained popularity with the classical design of bouquets and now such compositions are gaining popularity all over the world. The reasons are an excellent alternative to the traditional bouquet and the versatility of the presentation.

Flowers in a rectangular box can be presented to:
a friend or a respectable jubilee;
a close person or leader;
on the Valentine's Day;
fon a wedding or any other celebration.
Depending on the case, the design of the box can be bright or gentle, in pastel colors. When choosing, consider the purpose of the gift and the status of its recipient.

It is such a gift, not a large bunch of flowers, that will tell about your aesthetic taste and will please any woman. You can not limit yourself in classical roses, but order a composition of different color, shape and size of flowers. English classic bouquets are layed out in rows, but it is possible to put plants chaotically, emphasizing their naturalness.

With all the external rigor and restraint, this design induce to courageous experiments. Having studied the preferences of the recipient of the flower presentation, you will make for him an exclusive gift in an unusual, stylish performance.

Florists of our store will happily fulfill all your wishes. We will gladly compose the most complicated composition. Do you need roses of a certain grade, color and size? We have them. Are you demanding on packaging, freshness of plants, general style? Tell the florist-designer about them. Experienced hands of florists will create a refined and unconventional present with love.

Customers Send Flowers Ukraine write in the reviews that our bouquets stay fresh for a long time. This is not surprising - because we give positive emotions with each composition.

They are relevant for any celebration

There are plenty of reasons for presenting a bouquet. The most difficult of them are deservedly the congratulations of leaders or unfamiliar older people. If in the first case the present should look decent, should not be seemed too expensive and flashy, then in the second one it is difficult to navigate in the huge choice of colors for a person that you practically do not know.

A rectangular box with roses of a certain shade will be an ideal addition to any greeting and will not remain unnoticed by others. In addition, the gifted person will be spared from the urgent search for a vase of the appropriate size: flowers nourish the floristic sponge with moisture.

A bouquet for a loved one can be supplemented with a small pleasant surprise, packed in a box of flowers and closing it with a lid. Your beloved will be delighted to receive a double gift.

Own courier service will carefully deliver the bouquet to the recipient at the specified time for free, when ordering from 500 UAH. If the composition needs to be done and sent today - make a call to our number (on the page) before 4 pm on working days or until 3:00 on weekends, pay for it in a way convenient for you and confirm the payment. Do you want to please your beloved in the morning? Call - we have delivery in non-standard time.